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100s of Ateronon clients responded to the current study, which offered some quite intriguing information. Amazingly eight out-of ten respondents were male; it is amazing to see a lot of men taking proactive measures regarding their wellness.

Clients are split between people who take the supplement for a current state (56%) and people who take this as a preventative or for general well-being (44%).

Health Benefits

Many individuals reported that they’ve experienced a definite health gain. It is significant for everybody and CamNutra is forging ahead with increased investigating to comprehend and illustrate the health benefits Ateronon can provide.

The grounds to take the so called tomato pill were varied. Many scientific studies illustrate a broad variety of benefits for lycopene as well as clients’ reasons for getting it mirrored this:

Blood pressure issues
Prostate advantages
Side effects from statins
Stroke risk reduction


One in four of you mentioned you’d originally ordered the supplements because intolerable side effects had been suffered by you from cholesterol lowering statin medications, and were searching for a natural alternative therapy, which may also provide benefits.

Our studies suggest that Ateronon has critical impacts in the well-being arteries, which we consider may be the chief advantage in shielding them from the consequences of bad cholesterol.

Clinical Trials

Several respondents were quite curious to understand the effects of our next round of physician-directed independent clinical trials.

Evaluation of the test information is under way, and we expect to possess more results after in 2013, to increase those currently announced from Cambridge.


There were a variety of comments regarding the supplement’s cost being higher-than other vitamin supplements. Ateronon’s LactoLycopene conceptualization is developed to foster its bioavailability, or absorption by your body. This enables the lycopene to make it to the blood and permeate the body to provide health benefits.

Nine from 10 of our clients said they’d recommend it to a friend – and remember, women endure exactly the same danger as men.

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